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"Oh my gosh! Look at how beautiful that window looks! The glass looks really clear and the framing of the windows looks really nice. It's all really solid and professionally done, so we'll never have to touch the windows for the rest of the time that we live here."

-Bob & Barb D, Satisfied Customers

What Can A High Quality Window Do For Your Home?

The difference is clear as crystal. Not all windows are created equal.

The HR40 is living proof of that. With its roots in the Empire State Building, the HR40 window is made to withstand bad weather, extreme temperature fluctuations, and to offer a truly spectacular view.

Let Peoples Products show you how the exceptional HR40 Window could fit into your home!

The HR40 Window represents the pinnacle of residential glass technology. Not only does the window offer a more clear and vivid view of your surroundings, it enhances your home's energy efficiency rating by retaining considerably more heat than the leading competitors. With the patented HR40's Heat Mirroring technology, you spend less to keep your house warmer.

The HR40 isn't just another pretty window on the market though - it's got a serious pedigree. HR40 was branded for the consumer marketplace by CEO Bill Wilson. This window is manufactured by the same innovative minds that brought the Empire State Building its amazingly effective energy efficient glass panels. And now it is even better and available to the residential consumer.

Click here to watch our video on the origin of the HR40 Window.

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The HR40 Warranty

Your HR40 Windows come with a LIFETIME warranty, for you and your home's next owners. Additionally, Peoples Products offers complimentary 1 year, 5 year and 10 year service checks, to ensure your product is working exactly as advertised. It's just one more way Peoples Products is standing by you and your investment.

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"On a back porch that has been cold for 30 yrs, my wife and myself noticed actual warmth to that part of the house that it never had. Amazing what good quality Windows can do. So impressed with this product and the company that stands behind it." - Ricky N. Groton, CT

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The HR40's difference lies in two key factors; Light and Heat

Light - it's what makes our home feel alive. But not all windows let the same amount in. The HR40 is a clear cut above the rest. With its unparalleled clarity, the HR40 window can brighten any room.

Heat - it's what makes our homes feel safe and welcoming. But your current windows could be letting all that heat go. With the HR40's proven heat mirroring technology, keep your home's climate more easily regulated, and more of your hard earned savings, in your pocket.

So let us show you the difference. Once you see it in person there will be no denying that the HR40 windows are what your home needs. And Peoples Products are who you need to install them!

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