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If you choose to have Peoples Products replace your windows, siding, roof, or doors, you can use your own funds to pay for the project. We also accept all four major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). And we can offer you assistance with a number of lenders to help you find the right arrangement for you.

With the rising interest rates of today, some people put off home improvement projects they consider to be essential. There are some that are certainly luxuries, such as purchasing a swimming pool, finishing a basement, or replacing shutters because of a color preference. We only single out these examples because going in that direction when money is tight is an expense you may not need. None of those things save you money on another existing bill you already pay. For instance, buying a swimming pool will not lower your grocery bill. However, new windows, doors and siding can all have an affect on your current energy consumption. Since energy prices are on the rise, (check out your most recent Eversource bill if you need proof), the decisions you make to upkeep your home may now have a different pecking order on the to do list. If interest rates are rising, do you purchase new shutters? Fix your basement? Relight your yard? While those things can be nice, they don’t help you afford other improvements in the same way windows, siding and doors can.

Especially when deciding on new windows (where you stand to gain the most in the way of decreased energy consumption), you would benefit greatly by understanding the right questions to ask before moving forward. You can get an average window, pay a higher interest rate and still not see much of a consumption decrease. Why? Because unless you know what features are needed to maximize the energy decreasing benefits, they might not be realized at all. Some, get new windows, don’t see a consumption decrease and think they were sold a line, not a reality.

HR40 Replacement Windows were developed to highly maximize your energy needs reduction as much as a window can. Heat Mirror technology is cutting edge technology, designed to solve energy consumption problems. Add Krypton Gas to it and you start to notice the magic. Then, with foam-filled frames, antimicrobial weatherstripping, rubber-sealed glass packs, tempered glass, and a grand canyon interlock, your home is transformed into pure energy efficiency.

HR40 Windows didn’t stop there. They are considered by many to be up there with the most attractive replacement windows on the market today. With smart technology and good looks, HR40 will do what you want them to do, cut your energy consumption (thus your bills), give your house a facelift, and hold incredible resale value, which can be researched at cost vs value report in your area.

*Peoples Products is not a lender or broker for financing. However, we can help connect our customers with attractive financing options that are available to you. Fill out a quick form below to inquire.

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“Quality service & product. The HR40 window is a high quality window; I love the safety features it has to offer. The salesman did a great job, along with the rest of the staff in the company.”

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“Windows and sliding glass door were a big improvement from what I had. No drafts and a noticeable difference. They are easy to clean because of the tilt feature which I think is very nice. The neighbor even got the same windows! They also block out the noise very well, which is a plus.”

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