Perfect Screens for Energy-Efficient Windows West Hartford, CT

When investing in new energy-efficient windows for your West Hartford home, selecting the right screen is an important consideration. Screens not only provide protection against insects but also impact the functionality and overall aesthetic appeal of your windows. In this blog, we’ll guide you through the options of full screens, half screens, and no screens. Helping you choose the perfect screen option to complement your energy-efficient double hung windows. 

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  1. Full Screens: Maximum Protection and Versatility

Full screens cover both sashes of your double hung window, offering comprehensive protection against insects while allowing ample airflow. This option is ideal for homeowners who enjoy keeping their windows open to enjoy fresh air without worrying about pests entering their home. Full screens are particularly useful during warmer months when ventilation is crucial. They provide a clear view and easy access for cleaning, making maintenance hassle-free. If you appreciate the versatility of opening both sashes and want optimal insect protection, full screens are the way to go.

Looking at windows with the right screens? consider full screens for full protection from dust and debris from outside in your West Hartford, CT home!
Looking at windows with the right screens? consider full screens for full protection from dust and debris from outside in your West Hartford, CT home!


  1. Half Screens: Flexible and Convenient

Half screens cover only one sash of the window. Unlike standard half screens, HR40 windows have adjustable half screens that can be positioned on the top sash or the bottom sash. The screen slides right into place giving you the most versatility for a half screen. You no longer have to worry about if you want the top or bottom sash open. You can pick and choose at any time which half you want open. This option is perfect for homeowners who prefer controlled ventilation while keeping the upper sash closed. Half screens allow you to enjoy fresh air and natural breezes without obstructing the view from the upper portion of the window. They are particularly useful when you want to maintain privacy while still benefiting from airflow and insect protection. HR40 window half screens are easy to operate and can be conveniently moved up or down. This is all to accommodate your ventilation preferences.

Windows have sashes and double hung windows have 2 sashes, a top and bottom one!
Windows have sashes and double hung windows have 2 sashes, a top and bottom one! Here to help your West Hartford, CT home!


  1. No Screens: Unobstructed Views and Minimal Maintenance

If your West Hartford home is equipped with a reliable insect barrier system or if you simply prefer unobstructed views, you may opt for windows without screens. While this choice doesn’t provide insect protection, it offers an uninterrupted view of the outdoors and allows maximum natural light to enter your living space. Windows without screens are also easier to clean since you don’t have to worry about removing and reinstalling screens during maintenance. However, it’s important to consider the potential for pests and insects when choosing this option.

A stylish new double casement window for your West Hartford, CT home
Energy efficient double casement window for maximum ventilation and security in West Hartford, CT


  1. The HR40 Window Specialty Screen

The HR40 window has plenty of features that make it stand out from just another window brand. However, the screens are also specially designed to give you the most value for your home with some key features. One of the features includes spring loaded screens that are so easy to remove, you can remove them with one hand. They also pop back in easily and make cleaning an absolute breeze. The screen frames are also fitted with mitered aluminum corners for added durability and it keeps its shape when the screen is removed. This beats out the standard window screens that fall apart when the screen is remove and creates a hassle that no homeowner wants to deal with.

5. The Screen for you!

Now, the screen itself is special because they block out 90% of airborne pollen, meaning that if you have allergies, you can leave your windows open at night for ventilation and wake up without feeling the effects of pollen. Now that has to be everything that the screens offer, right? Actually, no, there is one more feature that changes the game in window screens. If a squirrel, dog, or human accidentally make a hole in the screen of your window, have no fear. Screens are covered under warranty so call Peoples Products and let them them know that your HR40 window screen is broken and a certified installation technician will come out and replace it for you under warranty. Or if the whole is smaller than a dime you can just rub the screen with your hands and it will repair itself. A self repairing screen is as low maintenance as it comes. HR40 windows are truly the last windows you will ever need.

New windows can bring your energy efficiency to a max with HR40!
New windows can bring your energy efficiency to a max with HR40!


Choosing the right screen for your new energy-efficient windows in West Hartford is an essential aspect of your home improvement project. Whether you prefer full screens for maximum protection, half screens for flexible ventilation, or no screens for unobstructed views, consider your lifestyle, preferences, and needs when making a decision. Consult with window experts who can guide you through the screen options available and provide advice tailored to your specific requirements. Enhance the functionality and comfort of your energy-efficient windows with the perfect screen choice.