Document Your Home Improvements

“If a family is looking at two houses; yours and a comparable one, the difference between selling your home or not may be your documented home improvements.”

Getting renovations done to your home is supposed to be an exciting and exuberant feeling. You can photograph your home’s improvements, then you witness the amazing change. This shows your friends and family how much of an impact these changes make when it comes to appearance.  Your home is your canvas and you always want it to be the perfect painting.  painting of a home

When you take these photos of your home renovations it actually goes a lot further than you may think.  These pictures are crucial when it comes to legal and insurance issues.  Not only do you want to take photos before and after any work is getting done, but take them during the project as well.  Barry Ansbacher, a board-certified construction lawyer based in Jacksonville, Florida, says “If you have a later dispute with your renovation contractor because something has failed, you can establish who did what.” By documenting this information you will be able to tell if it was the original builders or your contractors who made the mistake.

Reselling Your Home

If you are trying to sell your home, it’s helpful if you can show documented changes that came to life.  If the buyers ask to see photos and documents of all the home improvements. When you are capable of providing them, it may go a long way in adding to establishing a better ROI (return on investment).  Selling your home may not always be easy, but when you document all of this information it may be beneficial to submit them to your realtor; whose job it is to advocate your highest resale volume. documenting

If a family is looking at two houses; yours and a comparable one, the difference between selling your home or not may be your documented home improvements.   If you can sell a potential buyer on all of the hard work and money you put into your home compared to another house, it may be the deciding factor.  Proving to a buyer that you and your contractors didn’t take any shortcuts could be a big factor in completing the sale.

Most importantly, the house’s replacements cost must be adjusted to the current market.  There is no need to be paying a premium for an amount you simply don’t need.  

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  • John Coghill

    We had the windows replaced in our four-season porch after seeing a demo at the Hartford Home Show.
    The room was chilly in the winter time despite drapes and waffle blinds. Since the excellent installation, we are much more comfortable and are happy we made the decision to have Peoples’ Products do the work. The windows are wonderful and our new sliding glass door is so much more secure – we are quite pleased.

  • Glenda

    Thanks, it’s very informative

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