Is it Time for New Gutters?

Your home’s gutter system is very important for keeping proper drainage of water off your roof. Without damage from trees or debris, your gutters can last a while. Sometimes it can be very obvious when they are in need of changing can be very obvious, other times not. You don’t want to take down a good and functioning set of gutters if you don’t need to. Here are some signs to help you decide if it’s time for a change.

Separated gutters

Your gutter system only works when all the pieces are fastened together. If the gutters are separated, then they aren’t working as they should.

Cracks, holes and rust spots

Small cracks may seem insignificant, but small cracks turn into bigger ones. You don’t want to wait till there’s water leaking into your walls before replacing your gutter.  The small cracks allow water to further damage the gutters due to poor drainage. A few cracks and rusts can be fixed but if you see about 6 or more then it’s time for a replacement.

Broken or loose fasteners

If your gutters look like they’re pulling away from your roof-line, it’s time for a replacement. Gutters should not sag or pull away from the roof. A sagging gutter causes spillovers. This can be due to broken or loose fasteners or rotting in the fascia board.

Peeling exterior paint

If your gutter isn’t draining properly, water can seep down your siding and trim. If you notice paint peeling, this means your gutters haven’t been draining properly for a long time. In addition, peeling paint may be an indication of a water damage issue behind your walls.

Water damage

A poorly functioning gutter can lead to water pouring near your foundation and can leak into your basement. The damage can be costly if allowed to get extensive.

One or a combination of these signs can be an indication that your gutters need to be changed. If they do need to be changed, we can help!! Get a free estimate today!

Things to consider before you put up holiday lights

It is that time of the year again. Holiday cheer is in the air, it’s the prime time for holiday decorations. But before you hang anything, here are some things to keep in mind.

Invest in LED

While you’re out shopping for holiday lights, search for lights with LED bulbs. They cost a little more up front compared to traditional bulbs but they last longer and save you on your energy bill. LEDs usually have more bulbs on a string than incandescent and they’re also stringed closer together.

Buy the Right Amount

Only the buy as many lights as you will need. Plan ahead, figure out where you’re going to be putting lights. Measure the spaces you plan on putting up lights so you know exactly how many to buy. You don’t want to buy less than you need or too much. Measuring is also important because it lets you know just how many extension cables you need for outdoor lights. You ideally don’t want to plug the lights directly into the outlet.

Powering Up

When buying your lights be sure to differentiate between outdoor and indoor lights. Not all lights are meant to be outdoors. Outdoor lights burn hotter than indoor lights so be sure not to mix the two up. Use ground-fault circuit and closed outlets. Additionally, don’t overload extension cords and outlets. Link a few strings of lights together before plugging into an outlet.  To save energy, don’t leave your lights on all day. If possible invest in lights that come with a timer so you can set how long they stay on for.

Are there any other tips you use when stringing up your holiday lights? Leave them in the comments!

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Getting your home ready for the holidays

The holiday season is upon us! With the holidays come friends and family guests. Hosting guests can sometimes mean decluttering your home and expressing your holiday spirit. There’s so much to do, sometimes it’s easy to forget what else is supposed to be done to make the holidays easier on you. Here are a few things to do to get your home ready & help lift some of the holiday hosting burdens.

  1. Clean up Entrance & Coat Rooms

Hosting the holidays means making room for the extra coats and shoes that will be in your home for guests. To accommodate for that, you should reorganize your front closet for coats and have a stand for shoes. Add an extra coat rack or a cubby for better organization of shoes at the entrance.  Don’t want snow tracked into your house? Have a mat at the door for guests to clean off their shoes.

  1. Reorient the room around the Christmas Tree

If your family celebrates with a tree you can give the living room a more social feel when hosting guests, you can rearrange furniture and place the Christmas tree in a way that gives the room a holiday feel.

  1. Foldable Tables and chairs

More guests than expected at a time? No worries! Utilize folding chairs and tables to add extra seats to the table or make a kids table. You can dress it up with gorgeous table clothes to fit into your holiday home décor.

  1. Clean gutters

If you’re going to be putting holiday lights up outside this season, make sure to clean the gutters first and install a gutter guard. Cleaning the gutters will help add to the clean aesthetic beauty of your home but it also prevents debris from piling up in your gutters and pipes. There’ll be less off a chance of ice dams in your gutters that will freeze up the lights especially if you’re putting lights up on the roof.

These are just a few things you can do to get ready for the holidays. The season should be a fun time with family and friends, so get the stressful stuff out of the way and enjoy the time with family.

Another great way to prepare for the holiday is to get your windows replaced. Keep your home cozy with windows that keep the draft out, come with safety latches for your security and look great in your house. Get your free estimate here.