"We only offer the best to our customers, because our customers expect the best. The GAF Roof System is, simply put, the best roofing system on the market. And that's why we are a certified GAF Dealer and Installer. "

-Bill WilsonPeoples Products Owner and CEO

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Rugged Protection Doesn't Have To Come At The Cost Of Your Home's Personality

What does your roof say about your house? It's so much more than just shingles - it's your house's way of making a statement. Whether it's in big bold, reds, or more subdued grays, your choice in shingles gives your house a distinct look and feel.

And with choices like the award winning GAF Ultra HD Timberline shingles, your house is going to get the look and feel it deserves.

It's not just all about good looks. You depend on your roof for Protection from the elements. You need it to keep you dry, you need it to keep you warm, and you need it to keep you safe.

But it also needs to be Reliable. It can't bend or bow under pressure, and you don't want to be replacing shingles after every bad windstorm or winter squall.

Welcome to the GAF Roofing System, America's oldest and most trusted roofing brand. GAF offers the most rugged, dependable and beautiful shingling available, and claims the #1 spot for the best selling shingles on the market.  There's a reason that GAF has been rated #1 in shingle quality by U.S. Contractors and Home Builders; it's their commitment to the best shingles around.

It's more than just shingles though - your roof is a complex network of channels and vents, dedicated to keeping your family comfortable and dry. It's like a little ecosystem above your head, working nonstop to ensure that your house is kept at a climate of your liking. A roof over your head may be a basic necessity, but a proper  Roofing System is what you and your family deserves. Our Weatherstopper Roofing System represents the convergence between the engineering genius of the GAF product line and the Peoples Products devotion to customer satisfaction.

Let Peoples Products explain to you why our roofing system is far superior to any other out there today! When you know the choices, the choice become clear. Peoples Products is the choice of the People, because People Have a Choice!

WeatherStopper powered by GAF
GAF has been manufacturing shingles for over a century, and have a claim to quality that competitors simply don't. GAF is rated #1 in shingle quality, brand familiarity and in shingle innovation for starters, and claiming dozens of other first place awards over the years as a direct result of their pursuit of roofing perfection.
Did you know your roof can represent up to 40% of your home's curb appeal? Having the best protection won't come at the expense of a beautiful home with the GAF Roofing System.
GAF Shingles are made using the latest sustainable practices, meaning that you don't have to feel bad about using GAF Asphalt shingles on your home. GAF also offers reflective and "Cool" shingles, giving your home an edge in efficiency.
Whether it's the hardy Timberline Shingle or the designer Camelot Shingle, your roof has never been safer, stronger or more vibrant. Enjoy your home's new look when you're outside, and its efficiency when you're inside.
A roof is only part of what sits on top of your house. Our GAF Weatherstopper Roofing System ensures not only that your home is high-and-dry, but that it's at peak energy efficiency and has proper ventilation.

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"I had my roof installed by Peoples Products. I like the idea that the roof is a lifetime guarantee. I'm looking to have new windows installed and I'll be going back to Peoples Products for them." Mary P. New Britain, CT

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