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Knowing You Have the Right Company


At Peoples Products, we understand that your peace of mind is the only real focus.

We know that satisfaction is the main objective for anyone considering trusting any company to do work for them.

In the days of old, you might simply ask a friend or a neighbor for a good referral. Even in the modern era, that is a practice that still brings many customers to our doorstep today. There is really no warmer way to meet a potential company than to be personally introduced by a friend.

Today’s world offers exciting products and services that are made more readily available through the internet.


Finding the right company now involves the internet. Social media, blog posts, direct mail, canvassers who knock on your door, show and event workers who introduce you to new ideas and new concepts are all good ways in which customers and companies could meet. At times, it can also seem like an assault of the senses when we see the many ways products are brought to our attention. A company could make a great product, but suffer from poorly written literature to properly represent it. The same is true in reverse; some less than stellar products come with some of the most professional-looking literature that makes it appear far better than what it should.

For you, the consumer, we know how confusing it all must be.

In our estimation, the best recommendation would come from either someone you know, or by hearing about the experience some of the company’s customers have had.


Who is better to listen to about an experience with a company than its customers?


*Please see what our customers say*

The next step is to look into the company you are considering. Are they properly registered for business? Do they have the necessary insurances to protect you? Do they take care of their customers?


The Better Business Bureau is a serious, and official organization whose purpose is to rate a company, based on consumer experience. It cannot be unfairly abused by competitors or disgruntled ex-employees since they check out each claim for validity. That’s why it’s such a credible resource.

This information is available for your benefit.


*Please see our BBB report*

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The Better Business Bureau is the number 1 credible resource available to consumers today.

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Angie’s List is another very credible resource. They are especially so because they actually listen to what a customer and a company have to say. If a company was bad, they would never hold a top rating.

Check out our Angie’s List rating:

 Angie’s List Rating

Not all companies are good, and not all consumers are easily pleased. Keep in mind, all companies have inquiries and complaints or they aren’t really doing business. Both companies and consumers can at times be unreasonable. But a formal organization like the BBB deals in the big numbers.

So, let’s do the math. If a company had 30 inquiries/complaints in their backlog, however, they were tested by writing 12,000 agreements to do work, the math works like this:

30 / 12000 = a 99.75% satisfaction rating. While on the surface, 30 inquiries may sound like a lot, it would actually be quite small in the grand picture of experience. And not all inquiries or complaints are of high magnitude either. A 99.75% satisfaction rating would reflect a company who is both tried, and successful in their efforts to satisfy their customers, thus a good signal that they may be worthy of your business. We are proud of our longstanding business record.




It happens to nearly every company. If you google any company name with the words ripoff, problem, or anything else that sounds bad, you’ll usually find something. But is it true?

Unfortunately, there is a notorious side to the internet as well. There are websites, such as ripoff report, Yelp and others that allow anyone to post anything about anyone whether it’s true or not. They refuse to remove anything from their site, regardless of any facts to the contrary, that is, for some, unless money is exchanged.

The vetting process is further complicated by not knowing who to trust online.

It is quite controversial, as the video links below demonstrate.


Ripoff Report Extorts Businesses That Don’t Pony-Up

What is Ripoff Report?

Learn about YELP!

Is Yelp Fair?

How Yelp really works

Yelp hurts businesses who don’t pay to advertise

Yelp is best known as a source for rating restaurants, however today it’s been weaponized by competitors as a tool to take down a company they have trouble competing with. A simple search forYelp Scam” is all it takes to learn how their practices are disingenuous to properly vetting a company.

We knew something was off when we received 5 poor reviews from people living in states we do not operate in. Obviously, something was off. We can only assume that someone made these reviews for less than honorable reasons. Yelp’s business model tries to decide if a review is real or fake, or so they say. So, they only let in reviews from people who are regular “Yelpers” and call all other reviews suspicious.

Take Peoples Products, we send out a Brand Ambassador to visit with each customer we’ve done business with at the 1 year, 5 years, and 10-year marks after installation. My guess is you would be hard-pressed to find another company who goes that far to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

When we come out, we ask our customers about their level of satisfaction and if they wouldn’t mind reviewing us honesty online. We help to facilitate that review through the use of an iPad when it makes it easier for a customer. Yelp then states, many reviews come from the same I.P. address (the iPad) and calls it suspicious. Yelp discounts the customer’s review, yet they are real customers. Many of those same customers they call suspicious can be found on our website giving full video testimonials. Does that matter to Yelp? Apparently not. I would also add that Yelp has called our office and asked us to advertise with them; the undertone seems to be that they recognize their algorithm is hurting businesses and advertising with them might help. In our view, that’s morally reprehensible.

Competitors disguised as disgruntled customers aren’t serving your purpose of understanding the true merits of a company you may decide to entrust with your business either.

Our advice is to watch customer testimonials to see what people just like you had as an experience with our company.  Visit CREDIBLE websites like BBB and Angie’s List. Listen to a good presentation of product facts, and hear about how some products may differentiate themselves from others in the marketplace.

Hear about exclusive features and product lines you have available to you. Ask many questions to cut through to what you think is important. The right company will respect what you think is important, and I believe you’ll know when you are in their presence.

We hope we are your choice and we’ll work very hard to satisfy your trust in us!


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