4 Ways You’re Killing Your Home

There are many things a homeowner can do to keep their home healthy and looking good. However, sometimes going overboard with too many changes can hurt rather than improve a home. A healthy home is a happy home.  Here are some things that hurt rather than help your home.

Over sealing & Insulating

In order to avoid drafts and improve energy efficiency, sealing is usually recommended.  However, there is such a thing as over sealing. Too much air sealing and insulation make it hard for your house to breathe properly. There needs to be proper air circulation and ventilation for a healthy home. Better air circulation increases the quality of air in your home and prevents condensation behind planks[1].

Double Shingling

It might seem like a great idea to put new shingles over old ones to save money, but this can be bad for your house. Two layers of shingles weigh down on your rafters and decrease your roof’s lifespan. Doubling your shingles also make it harder to inspect the roof for leaks and also traps more heat. The new roof may also not be laid smoothly and flat if it’s layered on top of old shingles. Save money in the long run and avoid problems by completely removing old shingles before putting on new ones.

Oversized Air conditioner

On the hot summer days, it makes sense to want a bigger AC to cool your home faster. A high power AC uses up a lot of energy while leaving the room feeling clammy. To be sure you’re buying the right sized AC for your home or for a specific room, check the label for the capacity. Clammy rooms put your home at risk of mold. Healthy air circulation can be promoted by airing out your home or room early in the morning or late at night when the air is cooler outside. This allows you to let out clammy stale air and circulate in the fresh air.

Cutting grass too short

Cutting your lawn regularly is needed to get and keep a manicured look but you could be killing your grass if you’re cutting it too low. It makes your grass weaker and makes it easier for weeds and crabgrass to take over your lawn. Cutting grass too low especially on hotter days makes the lawn brown and burn out easily. For a healthier lawn, manicure frequently but change your mower setting to cut a little higher.

[1] https://www.thisoldhouse.com/ideas/youre-killing-your-home-kindness