Outdoor Home Improvement Projects

As we approach warmer days, we’ll be spending more time outdoors. The snow has finally melted and it’s time to get your yard and the outside of your home looking fantastic. Springtime calls for outdoor home improvement projects for gorgeous curb appeal and a wonderful view for lounging in the sun.

There are many things you can do outside your home to improve how it looks and get it ready for summer barbeques and hangouts. Here are a few outdoor projects for the DIY home improvement guru and the weekend home improvement warriors. You can also always pay someone to do some of these for you if you don’t have the time or would rather leave it to a professional.

Clean out the yard

Now that the snow has melted off, it’s the perfect time to rake up leftover leaves from the fall, replant grass seeds in anticipation for a rainy spring, and get your yard in shape for the warmer days.

Clean siding

Once the yard is clean of debris, cleaning the walls of your home can help give it a vibrant look. Scrub and hose down the siding to get rid of any build up over the fall and winter. Fix cracks and broken pieces to give the outside of your house a good as the new look.

Plant wall

Liven up the walls of your backyard with a living fence. Create an espalier tree around your backyard fence or even against the house. It can add it some beautiful visual effects to your house, make a flower espalier for more color pop. You can also opt for a vertical garden, grow vegetables or succulents and hang them off the walls instead. Simple wooden box gardens that you can hang off your walls or fence with hooks or lean against the wall.

Outdoor string light

Liven up the backyard for evening hangouts and marshmallow roasts with outdoor lighting. They come in a varying range of colors, shapes, and lengths.  String them overhead in a pattern, wrap them around a tree or even wrap them around outdoor furniture.

Backyard accents

You can create your own accents for your backyard with concrete or clay. Add in beautiful colorful flower pots, or mold your own accents in the shape of flowers, circles or whatever you desire and lay them strategically around the garden or backyard for an artistic and manicured look.

These are just a few of many outdoor home improvement projects for your home this spring. Leave your comments with any other home improvement projects you love to add to your home.

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