Securing your Home Windows

If thieves want to burglarize your home they will always look to the doors and windows first. After making sure to secure your doors the next thing you can do is to secure your windows to make them harder to break into. The more difficult it is to break into your windows the more likely an average burglar is to give up, keeping you and your home safe.

What can you do to make your windows harder to break into? Here are a few things you can do.

Lock windows

The first and easiest tip for secure windows is to lock your windows. At night or when there’s no one home you want to make sure reachable windows are closed and locked to make it harder for someone to get into. Most windows have some type of lock system, older windows might have inefficient window locks. If your windows are on the older side, install add-on locks to make your windows more secure.

Plant thorny bush

Another easy way to deter burglars away and secure your windows is to make them inaccessible from the outside. Planting a thorny bush below your windows can deter someone from trying to break into them.

Install window Alarm

If the first two methods don’t deter a burglar, a window alarm might send them fleeing. There are many types of window alarms on the market but simple window sensors should do the job. The window sensors will notify you when the windows open and when they are broken. You can arm the sensors when you go to bed at night or when you leave for the day. You can also connect the sensors to alarm local authorities when the windows are broken into or opened.

Install shatterproof glass

If your windows don’t already come with shatterproof or high impact glass, you can replace the individual panes of vulnerable windows with shatterproof glass. The glass will be harder to break compared to regular window glass but still looks the same as normal windows. You can also invest in reinforced glass. It is harder to break and makes a lot of noise in the process of breaking. That might scare the burglar off or alert your family that someone’s trying to break in.  To keep from having to buy new glass to put in your windows, when you’re looking at replacement windows, ask about the type of glass used. If you can get high impact glass, it’ll be worth the investment for the added security.

If you aren’t already taking these precautions we highly recommend that you consider them. Windows serve a purpose aesthetically in your home but it’s just as important to make sure that they are secure. Keep your home and your family safe.