Knowing What Your Warranty Covers

One of the worst things that could happen is having a product break down. Calling the company may only result in you finding out your warranty just expired or it doesn’t cover the repairs needed. Any home improvement project is an investment in your home. Your home investments are one of the most important pieces for your improvement projects. You can protect your home improvement projects by getting a good coverage warranty.

Considering a company or contractor for your home improvement project may be difficult. Your warranties include specific things, such as roofing, window replacements, siding, or a bathroom project. Ask for the manufacturer’s warranty as well as the service warranty to compare with other companies before making a decision. We’ll focus specifically on warranties for window replacement. Home improvement projects can have a majority of this information applied. Windows are usually replaced every seven years leading to the average warranty is usually a “Limited lifetime warranty”

However, most of those limited lifetime warranties are not transferable to new homeowners and they usually don’t cover normal wear and tear repairs. Basically “you used it, we’re not responsible for it.” This is unrealistic of course, which is why Peoples Products offers free inspections after the installation at the 1 year, 5 year and 10-year marks. Your satisfaction is our commitment and hope in ensuring your product’s function up to our standards.

You’ve found a decent company with a warranty with good coverage, now what? Now you want to ask what happens if the company goes out of business. Most big companies stay in business for a long time but don’t necessarily have the best warranty options. A mid-sized or small local company might have the best warranty policies but what happens when you sell your house or when the company goes out of the business? Covering warranties no longer cover homeowners. However, warranties with us are transferable to new homeowners, which covers the windows too.

You’ve done your research, you’ve found the right warranty for your window replacement (or home improvement project). Not sure what else is next? Check out our previous blog about “Things to Consider When Getting your Windows Replaced.”

Your home improvement project is an investment, always be sure to read the warranties and protect your investments.

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