The Three Types Of Doors

Let’s talk about doors.

Your front door is much more than an entrance to your home. It’s a feature element on the face of your house. It’s a portal for family, friends and guests, and, it’s protection. Choosing the right door could be a tough task, but if you know your options, making the right choice will be easy.  



Wooden doors are strong, and with a sturdy lock system, they secure your home from burglars and other outside dangers. These doors have decorative glass panels bring a luxurious look to a house when used as an entry door. Wood is naturally energy efficient as well. The tiny air cells that are present in wood prevents heat from entering the home during the summer and during winter, do not allow the heat to go out. With its energy-efficient nature, durability and with great aesthetics, wood makes a grandiose showcase of your home’s main entry area.  This is also why are the most expensive.

Teak, oak, redwood, and pine make for the most attractive entryway when combined with glass, fiberglass, and metal for extra beautification. Wooden exterior doors are a grand addition to the house. Solid wood doors lend an air of elegance and royalty to any house. Wood is a perfect exterior door choice for all types of houses. Regardless of the size and design of a house, wooden doors with etched or leaded glass can be used as the entry doors and patio entries.

“With its energy-efficient nature, durability and with great aesthetics, wood makes a grandiose showcase of your home’s main entry area.”


A steel door is considered to be the strongest type of door. However, only by a small margin over wood and fiberglass. Steel doors are by far the least expensive entry door on the market. Steel doors are great for security and are typically used in commercial buildings due to their brute strength and protection against intrusion. However, they prove to be a fairly bad investment when it comes to residential buildings. Not only are steel doors considerably less attractive than their wood and fiberglass counterparts, the typical lifespan under duress is also shorter than both fiberglass and wood. A steel door exposed to salt air or heavy rains may last only five to seven years. Despite steel’s reputation for toughness, it actually didn’t perform well in “Consumer Report’s” testing against wood and fiberglass for normal wear and tear.

Stylelite Fiberglass Door
Fiberglass Stylelite Door by ProVia


Lastly, we come to fiberglass doors. Fiberglass doors come in many shapes and designs.  A lot of these styles mimic the look of real wood doors. They have the nearly all the strength of wood and steel doors but are lighter and easier to open. With lots of color options and the ability to have decorative glass, a fiberglass door is a great choice for just about any home.

Fiberglass can be better insulated using foam filling, meaning that the door is lighter but simultaneously better insulated than traditional wood or steel doors. You get the best bang for your buck with an elegant fiberglass door. Here at Peoples, we use the exclusive Stylelite Fiberglass door range, designed by ProVia. Not only are Stylelite products the best of the best when it comes to insulation, but they offer absolutely beautiful imitation wood grain, and can be stained or painted in a variety of colors. Additionally, they are designed from the get-go to be used with decorative grooved or leaded glass, meaning that any door can be a beautiful addition to your home.

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